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Your life in a movie

All of Disney movies seems pretty perfect, right? It seems impossible to be lived here, even so, think about your life in a movie... But not being experienced on a daily basis. Gather the best laughter, the best kisses, the rain baths, the laughters that made you cry, the moments you have helped someone without even anybody watching, the dreams you have already held, the challenges you have faced even feeling afraid, the declarations of love.

Then, include a soundtrack on the background; so that, you will see that your life would make a great movie that would thrill many people, they would be thrilled at every victory and would cry after every disappointment, just as we do when we see this kind of film on television.

So, just believe, you live a story of love, action, comedy, and horror. It's up to you to be the best director, filmmaker and actor of this spectacular feature film.

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