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One more ordinary girl

She was always complaining about the boys; for her, they had no heart, but her eyes were always focused on the one that did not give her any attention.

She was complaining she could not forget that scoundrel, but she was still keeping the smiling photos of them (a rare moment) on a beautiful photo frame, written: "I’m gonna love you forever."

She complained to her friends that some men had never called her back, but she called sticky the one that used to give her a bell every day just to say good morning; and waited until dawn a call from the guy that never did it.

She used to say that all of the men were equal, but she had never looked at another kind of man, except the ones her friends thought nice enough.

She complained that has never appeared an ideal man, but she always found little defects in those who had truly loved her and put on the top those scoundrel guys.

She complained about the men, that they were only gentlemen until taking her to the bed, and then they turned to jerks, but she had never tried to know them better before surrendering to a burning passion.

She complained about them, that only the shameless guys knew how to kiss her as she liked, but she has never stopped to think that the other ones actually knew, too. The difference was that they respected her.

She complained even about the romantic movies, believing that they were only selling something impossible to happen on a real world, but she had never let the cool guy take her hands and walk side by side.

She complained about the men, that they only made her cry, but she has never appreciated the times she was smiling with the one who really loved her.

She complained about them, saying that men only looked at the women's body and did not understand their soul but always wore small shorts to feel desired.

Until the day, she realized that love happens, for this, it is only necessary donating herself and living with someone that has got the same purpose as hers. She realized she would have to accept the one like he was because would no use choosing someone hoping that one day he could change.

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