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South Valley - Cases of violence

Things are too dangerous in this neighborhood. I used to let my daughter come back home from school walking with her friends, but now, I am really afraid of it. Last weekend there was a case of murder on the corner because the lady did not want to give her bag to the thieves, they were teenagers. But this was the worst of all the cases. In addition, there have been too many muggings and hold ups in the morning and in the afternoon. At night, they are used to commiting kidnappings with men. Thank God they are not catching the ladies to commit rapes. But in despite of this, it has been really hard to be safe in the neighborhood, we are asking for more policemen and cameras on the streets, and of course, more investment in education, because the children of nowadays can be the thieves of tomorrow if they do not receive a great education. I am one of those that is thinking about creating an NGO, because it is one of the ways to combat all this violence.

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