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My daily routine

Every day I wake up at twenty past seven, but I get up at half past seven. I have a shower and then I have breakfast. I usually have a white coffee and toast for breakfast, but some days I have biscuits or cookies! After that I get dressed and I go to work at quarter past eight. I walk to the train station. That's about ten minutes. I get the train at 8:30 and I get to Atocha train station at ten to nine, and then I walk to my office.

I start working at nine. I work from nine to two; and from three to six in the afternoon. I have lunch at my office. I often have a salad with pieces of fruit. Sometimes I have a chocolate bar, too! After working, I go shopping for food and things for the house. I get home before half past seven. I rest a bit, and then I do the housework. At about nine, I cook dinner for me my family. We usually have dinner at half past nine. After that, we watch TV or I read a book. I usually get asleep in front of the TV set! I'm very tired! I go to bed at midnight almost every day.

On the weekend, my days are much better! I sleep more and I relax. Sometimes I go out for a drink with my friends or I go out for a meal with my family. Once a month, we go on a day trip to the countryside or to the mountains. We need to breathe fresh air! Sometimes I stay home and I listen to music, or watch a film with my family. I also like drawing and dancing! Sometimes I go dancing with my friends. It's fun! On Sunday evenings I usually read a bit novels!

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