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Eating Habits Plus My Busy Routine

Nowadays it’s not easy to have great eating habits. The reason is people have busy lives. I wake up in the morning and I don’t have time to have breakfast; actually I have time, but I prefer sleeping 10 or 15 minutes more. At lunch time, I am at work and I have one hour to do it but I always have to buy food somewhere because I don’t have time to prepare it at home. There is an old restaurant down the streets that is pretty good. We, me and the staff, usually have lunch over there because the food flavor is amazing and the price is reasonable. There is another cheap restaurant near the office, but this one is better than all of the restaurants in that neighborhood. That is why I always go there! Once, one friend of mine asked me how many times per week I have lunch at this restaurant; OMG… I go there every day as possible! Some days it is not possible to go there because I don’t have one hour to have lunch every day; sometimes I have too many tasks to do at the office. After lunch, in the afternoon, I have a snack at the office. At dinner time I am at home with my husband; then, we have to decide if it is better to cook dinner or to prepare a quick snack. So, we usually just prepare a quick snack and that is it.

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