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"Lila's story" - texto + questões

Hey, guys! Hoje nós resolvemos trazer um texto inspirado no formato dos vestibulares e acompanhado de algumas questões - mas é um texto para os estudantes de inglês em geral. Ele só difere desse formato pelo glossário, que é algo que a maioria das provas não concede. Resolvemos colocá-lo para aumentar a funcionalidade do aprendizado com o texto. O gabarito das questões está logo abaixo, fiquem à vontade para conferir!


Read the story ahead and answer the questions:

Lila's story

When Lila was a little girl, about the age of six, she had a hamster called Fizzy. It was a brown small hamster, which she took everywhere. It was a cute thing to see because the hamster was as a baby to her. She cleaned it up, fed it and was always worried about it while she was away – and that is why her parents started letting her carry it around. Her worries made her cry and make child drama, what ruined all of the wandering the family did out of the house. The love she had felt for the little fragile animal was admirable but her parents worried about the day the poor thing would come to die. Then the day came and as one can imagine, Lila witnessed the death, as she was always with it. It was, of course, by chance. Since the rodent had all of the caring resources there could be. The poor thing died during a nap, a dream of all human beings. To everyone’s surprise, the young girl’s reaction was nothing besides announcing the event to the family with a very serious yet calm face and asking for a small funeral. Surprisingly, Lila had the potential to love so much and yet understand life enough to accept the death of her loved ones. She shocked though inspired her family.


Fed (to feed) – alimentar.

Carry (to carry) – carregar.

Ruined (to ruin) – arruinar.

Witnessed (to witness) – presenciar/ testemunhar.

“By chance” – Por acaso.

Rodent – Roedor.

Nap – cochilo.

Besides – além/além de.

Though – entretanto, porém.

Around – em volta. Sentido figurado – “em todo lugar”.

1) The conjunction underlined in the sentence “the hamster was as a baby to her.” indicates:

a) Alternation

b) Comparison

c) Causality

d) Consequence

2) Fizzy was:

a) Lila’s father

b) A young little girl

c) Lila’s hamster

d) Lila’s mother

3) Lila’s parents let her carry the hamster around because:

a) She had an admirable love for the little animal

b) She cries and makes child drama

c) She understands life enough

d) It was as a baby to her

4) “Then the day came”.

The conjunction above indicates:

a) A sum of ideas

b) Contrast

c) A sequence of ideas

d) An explanation


Gabarito: 1 - B; 2- C; 3- B; 4- D.

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