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I would like to tell you my story of driving. I could say I have learnt how to drive by the age of 19; or I could say I’ve been learning how to drive since the age of 19. Yeah… I don’t know why, but it is a little bit difficult for me. My father is the one who has always told me I could not stop and just give up, because one day everything would make sense and turn to be easier than before. All right, I believe it. I just don’t know why he believes me.

There are many moments in my mind; moments about the experiences I have had. Once, there was a crazy driver tailgating my car, I got really nervous because of that and the car just stalled right on the road. At the same moment every cars after me – including this crazy driver –, started honking. Thank God I was not alone. My friend Allie was with me and she could save me from this awful moment.

Some days after, I had the second terrible driving experience. I was just coming back home when a drunk man decided to pass my car. We could have a car crash at that moment if I hadn’t hunk as much as possible. He just said: “I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you on the blind spot.” Then I thought, but didn’t say: “OK, go ahead. Thanks for making my fears just increase.” Of course the reason of this incident was not the blind spot, but the alcohol in the drunk driver’s veins.

Beyond these cases, I have many other ones and experiences to tell you. But, despite of that, nowadays I’m the best young driver of my family. And I remember exactly how I turned to be it. My dear father got really sick, he was not able to drive during this period, and I was the only one who had time enough to come and go with him everywhere he needed. I had to learn pretty quickly to trust myself to do it. Because as he was sick, I could not let him get stressed anymore, I just had to drive him everywhere and be that driver that he has always told me I was.

Nowadays, I can remember all of the crazy experiences I have had and laugh a lot of it. And I can also see that the good driver was inside of me. I just had to believe it.

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