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Dealing with public transportation

It’s normal to feel lost in a new city or whenever you have got to use public transport for the first time. That’s why every time I travel, I do a lot of research choosing the places I am going and marking them on the map; then I see how to get there. Sometimes, I don’t have options, but big cities like New York and London usually offer a complex, not always efficient, public transport system. It’s good to know how the subway, bus, taxi and train work where you are going. Do not predict it’s like in your city. It’s pretty hard to successfully hail a cab in New York city center, for example.

I don’t count on cabs when I go to New York, taking the subway is a better option because it’s faster. This is important because frequently you have a time limit to explore when you travel unless you’re rich and never work. Some places are dangerous, so it’s important to search that as well, to avoid muggers and violence.

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