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Holiday diaries | Pratique seu inglês lendo esse texto com aúdio!

December 24th, 2022

My name is Susan and usually I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas or New Year's Eve. However, my sister, Laura, has always been obsessed with the holidays! She has always adored hanging ornaments, baking cookies, getting gifts for everyone, choosing the best outfits, and so on. These things have never really pulled on my heartstrings.

This year, Laura convinced me to spend the holiday season with her, and I'm actually pretty excited! For Christmas, we baked a batch of cookies that were delicious, and she showed me how to bake them. It was really fun! Then we watched two hilarious movies, and we exchanged DIY gifts! It was so much cooler than just buying gifts at the mall. She explained to me that she likes making gifts herself, because it is more personal. So you can really show how much you appreciate the people you love.

I think I've been figuring out that Christmas time is e a lot about love, caring, family and friends. Until now I would only think of Christmas as something boring.

I'm staying at Laura's for New Year's Eve too, and I'm looking forward to it! She told me we're going to watch the fireworks at the beach. Afterwards, there's going to be a party at her house with a few close friends. I'm open to allowing this holiday season to be fun for me this year, thanks to my sister!

GLOSSÁRIO + Frases de exemplo

Christmas - Natal

My family loves Christmas! (Minha família ama o natal!)

New Year's Eve - Véspera de ano novo

We're going to my mom's house for New Year's Eve. (Nós vamos para a casa da minha mãe na véspera de ano novo.)

Ornaments - Enfeites

Some people love hanging ornaments for Christmas. (Algumas pessoas amam pendurar enfeites no Natal.)

Cookies - Biscoitos

I love baking cookies, but I don't like eating them. (Eu amo fazer cookies, mas eu não gosto de comê-los.)

Gifts - Presentes

I want to give you a special gift. (Eu quero te dar um presente especial.)

Outfits - Uma combinação de roupas

Have you chosen your outfit for the New Year? (Você escolheu a sua roupa para o ano novo?)

Pull on heartstrings - (Expressão) Quando algo toca o seu coração

She pulled on my heartstrings when she played the piano. (Ela tocou meu coração quando ela tocou piano.)

Holiday Season - Temporada de "feriados", refere-se à temporada do Natal + Ano Novo

Stay with me for the Holiday Season! (Fique comigo neste fim de ano/ neste natal e ano novo!)

Batch - Fornada

This batch is even better than the last one. (Essa fornada está ainda melhor que a última.)

DIY - (Do It Yourself) Faça você mesmo

I love looking for DIYs on the internet. (Eu estou procurando tutoriais na internet.)

Look forward to - Estar ansioso positivamente para algo

I'm really looking forward to the new opportunities 2023 has to offer me. (Eu estou muito ansiosa para as novas oportunidades que 2023 tem para me oferecer).

Fireworks - Fogos de Artifício

I'm a little scared of fireworks, even though they are beautiful. (Eu tenho um pouco de medo de fogos de artifício, embora eu ache lindo.)

Ouça o áudio abaixo com o texto e os exemplos para praticar o seu listening!

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