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Hey, people! I'm really excited to talk to you about how much of a cat lover I am. It all started when I was around 3. My dad and I were walking around a park when we came across an adoption fair. It was an event for people to see, touch, and interact with cats and dogs and maybe give some of them a new home. I never thought I would be so amazed by these little animals. My dad says I held each cat and dog in the fair and I gave all of them so much love.

Back at home, we always had cats around - either from adoption centers or rescued from the streets. To me, it was normal to see cats walking around the house all the time. My favorite part is that they would always stop and cuddle with me and my siblings.

Nowadays, I live with my boyfriend and two cats. I adopted them when they were only a month old and the size of a cupcake. They were so small I had to be careful and always know where they might be because I couldn't take the risk of sitting on them by accident!

Today, they are two and a half years old, and very healthy. They always sleep with us and ask for love and petting every day! I love them so much. They know they can trust me because I'll always look out for them.

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